Terms and conditions Heating+

1. Terms of Contract
1.1. All sales are subject to Wessex Petroleum Limited Terms and Conditions of trading
1.2. Heating Plus+ is exclusive to Budget Account customers and is subject to the corresponding terms and conditions of the Budget Account Payment Scheme
2. Equipment Hire
2.1. The WP Watchman (hereafter referred to as ‘the Equipment’) is subject to a monthly hire charge of £5.00 per month plus VAT paid in addition to the customer’s agreed monthly Budget Account instalments
2.2. The customer acknowledges that the Equipment is considered ‘on hire’ and remains at all times the property of WP Heating
2.3. The customer is liable for the cost of repairing all damage resulting from negligent handling, misuse or abuse of the Equipment excluding standard wear and tear
2.4. Access to the tank during normal office hours may be required for maintenance of the equipment. If this becomes necessary then prior arrangement with the customer will be made by the engineering company carrying out the work.
2.5. The equipment uses a GPRS connection and built-in SIM technology to communicate the level of oil. If a network cannot be successfully received at point of install, the contract will be cancelled with immediate effect and the customer will not be charged
3. Cancellation
3.1. The contract can be terminated at any time subject to the below terms and in accordance with the conditions specified for the Budget Account Payment Scheme
3.2. Written notice must be provided to WP Heating subject to a minimum 30 day notification period
3.2.1. If the service terminated in the first three years from the date of contract, customers will be liable for costs associated with the installation and removal, currently charged at £250.00 plus VAT.
3.3. Equipment must be returned in the same condition as when received by WP Heating under the terms of clause 2.3 above
4. Change of Address
4.1. The customer may transfer their Heating Plus+ Account to a new address by providing a minimum of 30 days written notice
4.2. If the customer should relocate within the first three years of signing the contract, a £50.00 plus VAT fee will apply for the transfer of the Equipment to the new address
5. Automated delivery
5.1. WP Heating will monitor the level of heating oil held in the customer’s tank and automatically schedule a delivery when it reaches a pre-agreed point set to 30% unless otherwise agreed.
5.2. The customer is responsible for ensuring safe and un-restricted access to their tank. An additional charge of £40 plus VAT may apply for properties with restricted or limited access to standard tankers
5.3. WP heating cannot be held liable should the customer run out of fuel due to restricted access due to force majeure, damage to the tank, adverse road conditions and/or restricted access or un-resolved credit subject to clause 5.4
5.4. Accounts with un-resolved credit are not be eligible for automated delivery and will be placed ‘on hold’ until further notice
5.5. WP Heating will reimburse the client for the reasonable costs relating to the restart of a boiler due to delivery failures not included in clauses 5.2 to 5.4 above
5.5.1. £80 plus VAT is considered the maximum reasonable cost except by prior written consent by WP Heating
5.5.2. WP Heating reserves the right to organise the engineers visit, in which case all charges will be handled between the engineering firm and WP Heating direct
5.5.3. In establishing the cause of any damage to the monitoring system, and thus assigning responsibility for said damage, the engineer dispatched to carry out work on behalf of WP Heating is considered the expert.
6. Wessex Petroleum Limited retains the right to alter any of the above terms and conditions
7. Failure to abide by any of the above conditions shall be deemed termination of the agreement
8. All fees are subject to change with 30 days written notice.