Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
1. All sales are subject to Wessex Petroleum Limited Terms and Conditions of trading
2. Balances on the first order to be prepaid in full by Debit/Credit Card
3. Monthly Payments will be calculated based on an estimated annual consumption, a minimum of £100 applies
4. Wessex Petroleum Limited shall be entitled to a £25 administration fee if the buyer’s Direct Debit is dishonoured by the bank
5. Wessex Petroleum Limited reserve the right to terminate the Direct Debit if dishonoured by the bank on two occasions
6. Any refunds of credit balances are subject to an administration fee of £25
7. Monthly fees will be reviewed and adjusted quarterly. Amendments to the direct debit amount are subject to a 14 day notification, customers may choose to make a one-off payment to settle their account within the notification period
8. Balances will be reviewed annually, accounts in credit are entitled to a refund free of charge
9. The contract can be terminated at any time and balances will be credited or debited accordingly
10. The Direct Debit must be in the registered home owner’s name except by special exception
11. Budget Accounts are subject to a Credit Check by an authorised Credit Reference Agency
12. Wessex Petroleum Limited retains the right to alter any of the above terms and conditions
13. Failure to abide by any of the above conditions shall be deemed termination of the agreement