Prevent Oil Theft

Thursday, 19th March 2015

Home heating oil and the tank you store it in are extremely valuable and would cost a great deal to replace. Thieves know this and as an unfortunate result, oil theft is on the rise. This article will provide you with some top tips on how to keep your oil safe and reduce the risk of theft.

Top Tips

  • Keep your tank hidden: If you are installing a new tank take care when deciding on its placement. A tank should ideally be situated away from any external gates or doors and out of sight from the roadside. If your tank is already in position and clearly visible you may want to consider erecting a fence or planting shrubbery nearby to prevent easy access.
  • Check your insurance: Find out what your household insurance covers. Ask if you are covered for oil theft, plus damage and clean-up costs.
  • Keep an eye in the sky: You may wish to install CCTV and/or security lighting. This is an excellent way of deterring any thieves and if the worst was to happen, and a theft did occur, the perpetrators could be identified more easily.
  • Lock it up: Install lockable caps and where possible, fit fuel hoses with hardened/flexible casing so they are harder to cut.
  • Check your levels: Regularly check fuel levels so you easily spot if oil drops dramatically. Most homeowners only check their tanks every few weeks, and therefore wouldn’t realise how much oil their tank contained. Why not install a WP Watchman device in your tank that way you can check your levels from the comfort of your sofa rather than walking to the end of the garden on a cold, wet evening.
  • Alarm it: The WP Watchman device also provides anti-theft alert which will let you know if your oil levels drop suddenly due to a theft or leak.

WP Group, take fuel theft and the safety of our customers extremely seriously. We have taken steps to combat the repercussions of oil theft by introducing a state-of-the-art monitoring device. The WP Watchman Anywhere Pro constantly monitors oil levels within the tank. Using a wireless technology the tank level is continuously monitored by an internal device, providing data for the owner via smart phone, tablet or computer. By allowing the user to access this data, it can be determined when an abnormal amount of oil has been used, thus enabling remedial action to prevent further damage, with the added bonus of enabling the user to have greater control over deciding when to top up.


Oil theft is a serious problem, but by putting these simple measures into practice you can significantly reduce the risk of this crime happening to you.