How to check the heating oil level in your tank

Wednesday, 30th November 2016

Do you know how much oil is in your home heating tank?
No? Well you’re not alone!


Surprisingly, many domestic heating customers are unaware of how much oil is in their domestic heating tanks. This can be a huge issue as we approach Christmas and presents a number of problems which can have a large financial impact.


By not knowing how much oil is in your tank, the risk of you unexpectedly running out of fuel is high. In summer this is less of an issue, but in winter the consequences of being without fuel could be extremely serious. With potential issues, such as paying out for emergency deliveries and call out charges, damaging your pumps and running out of hot water, running out of oil can cause many more issues than just having a cold house.


Regular checks on your tank level is important in avoiding such inconveniences and ensuring that you know exactly when you need a heating oil order and how much you require. WP Heating are sharing the most popular ways to keep on track of your heating oil levels.


Remote tank monitoring system


We offer all our customers the option to install a WP Watchman device in their domestic heating oil tank. This helpful gadget uses ultra-sonic sensors to monitor your tank and wirelessly transmits your oil levels to a phone, tablet or computer. The device also features a sudden drop alert system warns you if your tank is leaking or had a theft.


Rest assured that by using a WP Watchman you will never run out of oil and you will be able to better plan your orders, buying at the right time, saving you money. We can even provide you with automatic ordering when your tank reaches a pre-agreed level.




For this more traditional, manual method, we would advise purchasing a straight measuring stick to give a more accurate reading. Dip the stick into the tank, keeping it vertical. Once the stick hits the tank’s bottom, pull the stick out and measures the length of the oily part of the stick. Dipsticks specially designed for heating oil tanks will come with a scale to convert inches into litres for various tank sizes.


Sight gauge


Also known as a water gauge, this is perhaps one of the more unreliable ways to receive an accurate reading on your oil level. Some tanks come with a gauge by which you can visually note the level of oil inside, usually via a transparent tube. However, these gauges present many issues as they easily become stained and difficult to read. If installed incorrectly, they can also be contaminated with water which will misinterpret how much oil is actually remaining.


As we approach winter and the festive season, we urge all our customers to check their tank to ensure they won’t risk a cold Christmas. If you would like to find out more about the WP Watchman device, or want to secure an oil delivery before Christmas, then call a member of our team today on 0800 980 6174.