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Advanced Kerosene

Increase efficiency and improve performance

This premium grade heating oil maximises heating oil output efficiency and minimises consumption.

About Advanced Kerosene

Our Advanced Kerosene contains additives specially formulated to improve burn efficiency, improve boiler performance, reduce contamination and sludge build-up in the tank and help avoid costly breakdowns.

Advanced Kerosene also guards against fuel degradation and the corrosion of metal storage tanks and pipework. Better still, no modifications are required to your tank or boiler so you can upgrade at any time.

What it does

Lowers carbon emissions

Stabilises fuel – increases its storage life

Inhibits sludge formation

Reduces deposit build up around nozzles and on heat exchanger surfaces

Reduces service problems

Improves system efficiency

What it means for you

Longer-lasting, more efficient fuel.

Less expense on servicing and replacing tanks and pipework

Peace of mind that you have reduced your carbon output

Advanced Kerosene is not recommended for use in AGAs, Rayburns or other oil fired cookers – please see Cooker Kerosene

Find out more by calling our friendly office staff on 0800 980 6174 or 01202 62 22 57 or select Advanced Fuel when you order online

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